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The Real Estate Syndication Show

Show notes:

You’ve got to learn to pivot and course-correct to succeed in business. That’s the first lesson our guest learned as he got into the real estate industry. Meet Joseph Evangelisti in this #TechandTacticsTuesday episode! How Joe got into real estate started in childhood. His dad was in construction, so he grew up on a construction site. Joe loved seeing houses get built or turned into something more beautiful. He jumped into real estate in 2007 but shortly after, the market collapsed, and he had to shift gears quickly.

Because Joe was quick to pivot and make changes when necessary, he has grown tremendously in his business. He’s not just successful financially, but he’s also created a business that fits his lifestyle. Joe has time to be with his family and build relationships. He decided to pivot to self-storage from flipping houses, and he’ll share with us the opportunities he found in this industry. Listen now!

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