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Dedicated To Growing The Country's Best Self-Storage Mastermind With Like-Minded Deal Finders, Developers, Contractors and Lenders


Whether you’re a flipper, wholesaler or developer who’s tired of chasing leads and getting your profits gobbled up by expenses…  

Or someone who has access to capital and simply wants to invest in the most profitable sector of real estate.

Self Storage is an industry you should be considering.

It’s a no-brainer.

Especially with the support and mentorship of The Storage Syndicate.


We help investors and real estate professionals use our 3x syndicate formula to generate $8k-$12k of personal cash-flow every month – from just one storage deal.

That means, if you use the formula to close 3 deals – you’re looking at $24k-$36k per month.


There’s no fussing with nightmare tenants or “squatter rights”.

No need to fumble around with design packages and nail-biting inspections.

No suffocating expenses that eat away at cash-flow.

And you don’t need to spend a dime of your own money.


Before I explain what the 3x syndication formula is, and how we at the storage syndicate can help you implement it…

Let me first introduce myself.

Just a couple years ago I was flipping more than 100 properties per year.

But I was miserable.

I was drowning in expenses:

I would have weeks where I pulled in $500,000 on Friday and my payroll would gobble it all up by the end of the day on Monday.

I was getting sick of Calling and harassing 100’s of leads a week.

…Being suffocated by all the red tape BS that came with every deal

…Constantly being sucker-punched by homes with hidden problems that eat up cash-flow

…Wrestling with the crippling stress from all the chaos: Money in, money out, chasing down leads, managing contractors, updating investors etc

And let’s be real, those are just the direct challenges.

The indirect challenges were even worse for me.

My health was falling apart.

I barely got to hang out with my family. 

I was missing games and events.

My mind was so preoccupied with chaos that I could be sitting down, eating dinner with my family and mentally I was a million miles away.

But that was then.

Now I’ve made the transition into the world of self-storage where I can cover years of payroll from just one deal….

But that’s enough about me…

Let’s dive back into Self-Storage.


There’s a reason many experts are calling the self-storage industry, “the gold rush of real estate”.

Its the same reason the wall street journal calls it “the best bet in real estate right now”.

Not only are other commercial assets like office and retail feeling the pinch after COVID

But in 2021 the self storage industry reported the highest rental rate per square foot ever recorded.

They also reported lowest vacancy rate in recorded history (occupancy rates hover between 95%-97%)

And self storage also has some of the lowest cap rates in real estate


With all that said…

There is one little hurdle that keeps people on the sidelines and missing out on this real estate gold-rush.:

It’s the fact that Self-Storage is a Team Sport.

You need a team of experts to help you find deals, fund the deals, structure the deal for optimal cash-flow and build out the actual storage units.

All of which is exactly what The Storage Syndicate does.

We help you find, fund, cash-flow and flip the most profitable storage units in your area.

So look,

Clearly, Self-Storage is where the money is at. 

And the 3x syndication is the simplest strategy to create a predictable 6-figure stream of passive income per storage deal. 

And since this isn’t a volume based business, you’ll have time and the mental bandwidth to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

But it’s only a matter of time before the industry heats up and competition comes pouring in.

Especially from over seas. 

It’s not a matter of “if” but “when”.

The question is, do you want to wait and have to fight for the crumbs in the industry later?

Or feasting at the table with the people who got in when it still felt like stealing?

Lucky for you, that’s still a choice. 

So, If you’d like a seat at that table with me and the other men and women inside the storage syndicate.

I would encourage you to join the storage syndicate so we can help you secure your first storage deal.

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